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Stand Up Tanning in Bridgeville PA

Stand up tanning has increased in popularity over the years because of the type of results offered by this method. The client gets an even, all-over glow that looks great from any angle. We offer the same great package pricing on all of our stand up tanning, making it just as affordable as the laydown tans. Try our stand up beds anytime you like, without an appointment! We make it easy to get the tan you want in exactly the way you want. Since we don't lock you into a contract, you can try both types of beds to determine which is right for you.

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We Offer Stand Up Tanning in Bridgeville

We offer a selection of stand up tanning beds to suit the preferences of any client. Our stand up beds in Bridgeville are equipped to work quickly, delivering intense results without causing any discomfort.

Try Our Viper or Sunrise Tanning Booths in Bridgeville

Our Viper tanning booth has been a crowd pleaser since we first got it! Inside the stand up tanning bed, the reflective bulbs mimic the effects of sunlight on water. The result is a tan that looks like the result of a day spent at the beach in only a fraction of the time. In only 8 minutes, you can be on your way to a sun-kissed glow thanks to the Viper bed.

Our brand new Sunrise tanning booth offers stand up tanning for those who prefer to stand as they tan. With 200-watt tanning lamps surrounding you, you will get the glow you want in no time! Just 9 minutes a session will get you looking tanned and lovely.

To find out more about our selection of stand up tanning beds, visit our locations in Bridgeville. We are centrally located in both areas, making it easy for residents of Bridgeville, South Fayette, Cecil, Carnegie, Oakdale, Collier, Presto, Upper St. Clair, Mt. Lebanon, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to visit us.