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Spray Tanning in Bridgeville PA

In every life, things pop up at the last minute. If you suddenly find out that you have a blind date, big presentation, or job interview, a personalized airbrush tanning session at The Sun Club can help you to have increased confidence.

UV Free Tanning in Bridgeville

More and more of our clients are concerned about the safety of tanning outdoors or in a bed. While tanning in a tanning bed is still a safe way to look healthy and vibrant, we now offer airbrush tanning in Bridgeville to accommodate those clients wanting to try another approach. Clients who want an easier way to get the color they desire can make an appointment for airbrush tanning and leave looking like they spent all week tanning!

Airbrush tanning is perfect for the following special occasions or events where you want to look your best:

Woman in a Black Bikini in Bridgeville, PA
  • Vacation
  • Graduation Birthdays
  • Photo Shoots Trips to the Beach
  • Pool Parties Weddings

At any event where you will be the center of attention, a spray tan can help you to look thinner and healthier. Put your best foot forward with one of our signature airbrush tans. Our spray tans last anywhere from 5 to 7 days total. During that time you can do all the things you would normally do, while maintaining the same great glow.

Personalized Airbrush Tanning in Bridgeville Gives Quality Results

Unlike the spray tanning booth, which can leave streaky or messy results, our airbrush tanning is done by hand. This helps you to get the results that you want because we personalize the application to ensure each portion of the body gets the same coverage.

Give our airbrush tanning a try and we are sure you'll be back for more. We offer spray tanning by appointment at either of our locations, only minutes from Bridgeville, South Fayette, Cecil, Carnegie, Oakdale, Collier, Presto, Upper St. Clair, Mt. Lebanon, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.